Is your air conditioner running but not keeping your home cool? If so, then you need Austin AC repair! There are several reasons why it is not doing its job. In some cases, the cause may be related to user error, but most often it is a simple problem that can be fixed quickly. If your unit is not working at all do not attempt to fix it yourself, call a qualified AC repair technician.

Air conditioning units have two parts-an indoor condenser and blower and an outdoor compressor and fan. If there is a problem in the cooling system it is between these two parts. Here are a few common causes of a unit not producing enough cold air to adequately cool the home.

Improper usage

Many people mistakenly think that they need to keep a window cracked while using their AC. This is incorrect. When using a swamp cooler you do need a little ventilation but not with an air conditioner. Likewise, closing off rooms or vents to push more cool air to certain rooms is not a good practice. It can put to much pressure on the ductwork causing a rupture or worse damage to your system.

Low Coolant Levels

When your air conditioner isn’t producing enough cool air, low refrigerant is often the immediate cause. Another telltale clue that you have low refrigerant is ice on the condenser panel. If the unit ices over just turn it off and allow the ice to thaw. You will need to call for a Freon charge to refill the coolant.

High Temperatures Outside

When the temperature outdoors is hotter than inside it often takes longer for your air conditioner to cool things down. It also helps to close drapes during hot days to help your AC work more efficiently. If your windows are on the sunny part of the house you are getting geothermal heat transfer through those windows and your AC has to work harder to remove it.

Faulty Thermostat

Thermostats can also fail and not be registering the correct settings or temperature. This is the easiest fix because it only involves replacing the thermostat.

Dirty Air Filter

Your air filters trap dust, pollen, hair, dander ad other microscopic particles that pollute the air inside the home. These filters also keep all that gunk from getting into the motor and fan system of your AC unit. When they get full they restrict the air flow going to the working parts of your system and that can cause it to work harder and often at less capacity than normal. Changing air filters is easy and takes only minutes.

Improperly-Sized Unit

If your cooling system has never really adequately cooled your home, it may not be the correct size to do the job efficiently. The air conditioner unit is sized to cool the percentage of square feet of the home; if it is not working then you may need a new system that is the right size for our home. There are many new energy-efficient models that save money and may be eligible for energy rebates to help defray the cost of AC replacement.

Tips :

  • To help your Ac unit run more efficiently:
  • Cover windows on sunny days
  • Run heat-generating appliances (dishwasher, washer, dryer) late in the evening
  • Seal air leaks with weather stripping and check insulation levels
  • Check air filters monthly
  • Clean grates and vents
  • Keep doors and windows closed tightly

If your air conditioner isn’t keeping your home cool, contact us for a free consultation. We are experts in AC repair and are committed to providing excellent service for our valued customers. We carry name brand energy-efficient heating and cooling systems and our Nate-certified technicians can help you choose a new system if you need a replacement.