If someone in your family suffers from asthma or allergies then you already know how important indoor air quality is. If you don’t want the expense of an indoor air cleaner there are natural methods of improving the air inside your home that cost little to nothing at all. Here are some things you can do to help keep the air cleaner.

Mop Floors and Vacuum Daily

If you have wood or carpeted floors a good way to keep them clean and dust-free is to wet mop or vacuum them daily. Pet hair and dust float around in the air and settle on carpets and furniture. A daily cleaning will help keep down on the dust and dander.

Open Windows for Fresh Air

The air inside the home can get stagnant during the winter when all the windows are normally closed. A good thing to do is open the windows early in the mornings for some fresh air and to remove any lingering cooking odors.

Grow House Plants

House plants absorb carbon dioxide, which is what we breathe out , filters it and produces oxygen as a byproduct. If you want a natural air cleaner, there is nothing more natural than plants for cleaning the air. Common house plants that absorb toxins and clean the air are: ferns, spider plants, Aloe Vera, Gerber Daisy and Golden Pothos.

Invest in High Quality Air Filters

A good quality filter traps most of the dust and dander inside the home but when used with other methods to reduce allergens, they work even better. An electrostatic filter can often attract more particles than regular standard filters.

Keep Allergens Out

One way to keep the air in your hoe fresh and clean is to keep allergens out . A few ways to do this are: place a mat outside the door to wipe feet, shake out floor mats and area rugs, bathe and groom pets frequently to reduce pet hair and dander and restrict cigarette smoking to outdoor areas only.

Improve the air quality in your home to keep germs away and the allergens that trigger asthma attacks. If you would like more information on improving air quality and topics related to heating or cooling systems, contact ABA Heating and Cooling. We have been providing home heating service to the city of Austin and surrounding areas for over 20 years. Call us to schedule an inspection of for AC repair service. Our technicians are all NATE-certified and can offer advice on new products and services.