AC repair in Austin can be quite expensive depending on what is wrong with your unit. When air conditioners break down, it is usually due to overheating, overuse or failing to maintain the equipment. Practicing preventative maintenance will help your system stay tuned up and in good working condition avoiding costly repairs in the long run. Of course all electrical equipment breaks down eventually, but by keeping it clean and serviced properly you will get more use out of your investment for a longer period of time than if you just let it go.
Change Air Filters Regularly
Air filters should be changed at least once every three months or whenever they get dirty. They are relatively inexpensive and much cheaper than repairing your system. A dirty air filter restricts airflow into the system which can cause a lot of problems. If the system cannot get air it will cause the interior of the unit to get too hot and may cause it to shut down completely.
Vacuum Regularly
Keeping down on dust by vacuuming regularly can help your filters last longer and keep your system cleaner. Dust, hair and pet dander float around in the air and get sucked into the air intake vents when your system kicks on, so keeping the vents and filters clean will keep that debris from getting inside your motor and burning it out.
Get a Yearly Inspection
Getting a regular inspection performed at the beginning of each cooling system will spot anything that could turn into a problem later on. Your HVAC technician will test all of your unit’s electrical components, tighten connections and clean the condenser coils. They will also recharge the systems coolant if levels are low. This preventative maintenance helps keep your system clean and in good working order.
Your AC unit gets quite a workout during the course of a normal day because it has to keep the whole house cool. One way to avoid costly AC repair is to give it as much rest as possible to reduce wear and tear on the parts and components. Most thermostats are capable of storing at least 4 different temperature settings that can be used during the day to save energy and when you leave the hose or go to bed.
Keep Obstructions Away
Be sure to keep your grass moved and trimmed short when the outside unit sits. Dust and thick weeds can choke the fans causing problems with the compressor. Airflow is very important for your AC unit to work right so be sure that nothing is obstructing the vents and fans.

These are just a few simple tips that anybody can do to avoid or lessen the cost of repair bills. The longer you can make things last the more use you get out of them, making the investment pay for itself in the end. ABA Heating and Cooling are experts in HVAC inspections, maintenance and new service installations. Contact us if you need AC repair in Austin and for all your heating and cooling needs.