5 Tips to Keep Your Home Comfortable and Your Furnace Running Efficiently Through the Winter

As the chill of winter encroaches upon Austin, the comfort of a warm home becomes a sanctuary against the dropping temperatures. Maintaining that comfort efficiently is key, not just for your family’s well-being but also for the health of your furnace and your finances. ABA Heating and Cooling presents five expert tips to ensure your home remains a cozy haven all winter, while keeping your furnace running at peak efficiency.

1. Regular Maintenance Checks

Just as vehicles need regular tune-ups, so does your furnace. A pre-winter inspection by a professional can catch any potential issues before they escalate into costly repairs. ABA Heating and Cooling’s HVAC specialists can perform comprehensive checks, ensuring filters are clean, parts are in good working order, and your furnace is ready to handle the winter workload.

  • Pro Tip: Schedule a maintenance service in early fall to avoid the winter rush and ensure your system is winter-ready.

2. Smart Thermostat Integration

Upgrade to a smart thermostat if you haven’t already. These intelligent devices help maintain a consistent temperature, adapt to your heating habits, and make energy usage more efficient. You can control the thermostat remotely, ensuring you’re only using your furnace when needed.

  • Pro Tip: Utilize the smart scheduling features to keep your home at a cooler temperature when you are not there. This could reduce the time that your system is running increasing the lifespan and reducing the maintenance costs.

3. Seal and Insulate

Prevent the warm air generated by your furnace from escaping by sealing any leaks around windows, doors, and ductwork. Proper insulation in your attic and walls can also keep your Austin home warm, placing less strain on your furnace and saving on heating costs.

  • Pro Tip: An energy audit can identify all the areas where insulation and sealing are inadequate, offering a roadmap to a warmer, more energy-efficient home.

4. Optimize Airflow

Ensure that all vents and registers are open and not blocked by furniture, carpets, or curtains. This allows for optimal airflow from your furnace, improving its efficiency and the even distribution of warm air throughout your Austin home.

  • Pro Tip: Consider having your ductwork professionally cleaned before winter to ensure maximum airflow and improve indoor air quality.

5. Upgrade to an Energy-Efficient Furnace

If your furnace is old and frequently needs repairs, it might be time to upgrade to a new, energy-efficient model. New furnaces have higher AFUE ratings (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency), meaning they use less fuel to keep your home warm. ABA Heating and Cooling can advise on the best energy-efficient furnace models suited to the unique needs of your home.


Navigating the winter in Austin doesn’t have to come with the dread of high energy bills or the fear of a furnace breakdown. By following these tips, you can ensure a season of warmth without worry. And remember, ABA Heating and Cooling is your partner in achieving a comfortable, energy-efficient home this winter. Don’t wait for the first freeze to take action—prepare your home today!