Shopping for a new air conditioner is an important task, and there are many factors affecting this kind of decision. It requires research and basic knowledge of the central air conditioning system. Installation of an air conditioner plays a key role in the comfort levels of your house; contact a licensed and expert HVAC company in Austin for proper AC installation. New air conditioners are up to 40% more efficient and reliable than systems that are a decade old. Central air conditioners provide efficient cooling by removing heat from the warm air inside the house, and cooling the air before it returns to the living spaces. Sizing and installation is very important for an air conditioner and its cooling power. The cooling is affected when the size of the air conditioner is not right.

Consult an experienced HVAC company in Austin for sizing information and installation of the air conditioner. The seasonal energy efficiency ratio or SEER of a central air conditioner should be above 13, and it goes up to 20 and 21. The SEER rating is very important when deciding to buy a new air conditioner – the higher the number, the better. An air conditioner with a higher SEER is more efficient and it consumes less electricity. To leverage the efficiency of the central air conditioner, choose the best HVAC contractor for sizing and installation. Ductwork installation is also very important; a balanced air supply in all corners of the house requires a proper duct system. Annual servicing increases the lifespan of your air conditioner, as well.

The latest central air conditioners come with many exceptional energy saving features, one of such features is variable speed air handlers. Conventional air conditioners only run at one speed, air conditioners with variable speed handlers run at two different speeds, according to a homeowner’s cooling needs. Most of the time during the day, the air handlers run at low speed, thus conserving energy, the air handlers switch to a higher speed, when needed. Zone control is another interesting feature in the latest central air conditioner models. Zone control enables you to turn off air conditioning in the areas that are not occupied, thus conserving more energy. If you have a decade old air conditioning system, it is likely to have an energy efficiency rating of 9 or below. If you have to get it repaired every season just to keep it up and running, it is a wise idea to upgrade to a latest and more energy efficient system.