Central air conditioning systems require a lot of maintenance and upkeep to keep them running as efficiently as possible. Maintaining a central air conditioning system is very important. You can call up licensed HVAC services in Austin for professional repair and maintenance in the spring and summer seasons. Maintenance of an air conditioner, if done properly, extends its life and efficiency. You should have some basic knowledge of your air conditioner to be able to maintain it. The most important and basic maintenance task is to remove and replace air filters on your air conditioner every so often. Clogged and dirty air filters restrict airflow. If the air filter is dirty; the dirt will bypass the filter and will be sent directly into the evaporator coil. A dirty filter can lower the efficiency of an air conditioner by as much as 15%.
An HVAC expert will help you locate air filters in your central air conditioner system; usually these filters are located along the return duct’s length, or in ceilings, furnaces, or the air conditioner itself. There are different types of air filters; some are re-usable after cleaning, and others need replacement every two or three months. Air filter replacement also depends on the air quality of your home, the number of residents in the house, and if there are pets inside the house. HVAC contractors located in Austin will inspect your air conditioning system annually to make sure everything is in good working condition.
Use high efficiency and pleated air filters in your central air conditioner. There are different types of air filters, so check with the manufacturer’s manual to find out what kind of air filter is installed in your AC, and how often you need to replace it. A central air conditioner does not need to run all the time. Install a programmable thermostat that would automatically set cooler temperatures when you come home, and higher ones when you are gone for the day. If an AC runs all the time, it will lose its efficiency, and then you have to deal with higher energy bills. Shut off your air conditioning system completely while you are going out on a vacation. Adjustable thermostats are easily available and affordable. You can also buy smart thermostats that can be adjusted remotely with a smart phone.