woman sneezing

If you or a loved one is suffering from allergies in your home, this might actually be caused by your residential air conditioning unit. The good thing is, this issue most likely can be remedied easily. Here are four AC culprits that could be causing allergies and how to fix these.

1. Unchanged Filters

If you haven’t been keeping up on changing your AC unit’s filters on a regular basis, these can inadvertently blow dust and grime back into your home. This recirculated debris can bring out allergies in those sensitive to dust. Be sure to check with your AC repair specialist on how often these should be changed out.

2. Vent Blockages

Another issue that can cause circulated air in your home to drum up allergic reactions might be blocked vents. Vacuuming around vents and ensuring these are open will keep your airflow consistent and hopefully make your home more allergy-free.

3. Hidden Mold

A more dangerous cause of allergies might be coming from mold within your AC unit. This occurs when condensation gets trapped and begins to cause mold to form over time. You can check for this yourself within your AC unit on coils or in the condensation pan. If you aren’t sure what to look for, your AC repair specialist can help.

4. Sporadic Usage

If you rarely use your air conditioning unit, this can stir up dust and dander in your home when this is turned on after a long period of time. Dust can settle over time in your AC unit’s venting system so try to run this once or twice a month in warmer months. Open the windows when turning this on at the beginning of the season to air out any trapped dust as well.

While allergies might be chronic for some, anything that you can do to alleviate this in your home will help your loved ones breathe easy. If your air conditioning unit needs repair, contact us for a consultation and to help with any AC-related needs in your home.