The heat and humidity of the summer in Austin can take its toll on you if you do not have a fully functional and working air conditioner. To keep the utility bills low, you need to make sure your air conditioner is well maintained, and if it needs any repairs, you must take this kind of work very seriously and contact a professional HVAC repair contractor in Austin ASAP. You must go through inspection and maintenance of your AC system before the summer hits its full peak. If you are among the homeowners who worry about how to fix an air conditioner, we are suggesting a few tips to help you in maintaining your cooling system.
If you have an older air conditioning system, but you treat it right, and maintain it the way you should, then it is unlikely that you will deal with any problems with it this summer. At times, however, even the newest air conditioner can break down when the temperature exceeds a certain degree in the summer. You can avoid any such breakdowns by following a few maintenance tips. If you are thinking, “I can fix my air conditioner with the help of DIY tools,” then you are utterly wrong. An air conditioner is a complex machine, and only a licensed HVAC company can provide the right techs for repair.
You can make an older air conditioning system last through the entire summer season by following simple and basic maintenance tips. It is very important to schedule an annual maintenance of your air conditioning system with a licensed and professional HVAC company.
In order to prevent a breakdown, there are certain problems that you need to identify and discuss with your AC technician. Look out for any of these indications, such as, leaking air ducts, low airflow from the AC, leaking refrigerant, electric control or circuit breaker failure. The other signs you need to look for are hot air instead of cool air coming out of the AC, or AC not cooling the air the way it should be, or it’s taking more time to cool the air. The one thing you can do on your own is checking the air filters in your unit,. Clogged air filters reduce the efficiency of your AC unit by blocking the normal air flow.
There are different types of AC filters; some are reusable after cleaning, and others need to be replaced every two or three months. Only an AC technician can help identify the right filters for your AC unit. For central air conditioning systems, it is very important to maintain air ducts; if the air ducts are leaking, you are going to experience poor energy efficiency of the system. An experienced HVAC contractor will locate the leaky ducts with the right equipment, and will repair them. Thus, by following simple maintenance tips, you can protect yourself from an unpleasant AC breakdown on the hottest day of the summer, and can cut down on utility bills, and costly AC repair expenses.