Spring is coming and what better way to begin the New Year than getting rid of the old to make room for the new. Packing away your winter clothing, making a donation to charity and repurposing things that you might have just thrown away will give you a renewed sense of joy and lift your spirits. Here is a checklist of things you can do to prepare for the coming of spring.

Get Organized

Everyone is excited by thoughts of spring. It’s the time to start planning new projects and getting rid of clutter to make room for other things. One way to get ready for spring is to start organizing closets and storage space. For some people, getting rid of things they have held onto for a long time can be very difficult. But if you approach it with a new perspective, it’s the new year and time to start fresh, then getting rid of children’s clothes that are too small and those skinny jeans that you’ll probably never wear again is a good place to start.

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is another annual task that everyone dreads but must be done. Removing cobwebs, hunting for dust bunnies and cleaning out the garage will feel much better when you can enjoy the fruit of your labors when spring and summer roll around. You’ll have a space for the kid’s new bicycles and won’t have to navigate around storage boxes full of summer clothes and outside toys.

Plan Your Spring Garden

Every gardener looks forward to receiving their spring catalog in the mail to start planning their garden. No matter if your garden is mostly flowers or vegetables, dreaming of planting bulbs and turning over topsoil will get you in the mood for spring and provide a little extra motivation to finish those cleaning projects.

Invest in a Preventative Maintenance Plan

It’s a new year and time to think about looking into preventative maintenance plans for your heating and cooling system. Periodic cleaning and inspection will keep your system operating like a finely tuned machine and using less energy which will save you money as well. Nice little added bonus, when you think about it. Prevention is the best medicine and it is less expensive to prevent problems than to fix them once they occur. As with any type of membership plan, you’ll be eligible for certain discounts and special treatment available to members only.

Have your System Inspected

A yearly inspection of your heating and cooling system is key to keeping it working at its best. During an inspection, the service technician will check all the working components of the system , refill refrigerant, change filters and tighten loose connection as well as vacuum the coils and clear the condensate drain.
Preparing for spring is something we do to celebrate the season and shake off the winter blues that set in. If you haven’t already scheduled your yearly heating and cooling inspection contact ABA Heating and Cooling. We have been providing comfort to Austin residents for more than twenty years and pride ourselves on quick service and friendly staff.5 Ways to Get