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Improve Your HVAC Energy Efficiency with a Smart Thermostat

While big home enhancements can certainly bring big energy improvements -- such as a solar water heater installation or attic insulation upgrade -- there are some easy and cheaper ways to improve your HVAC energy efficiency. Integrating a smart thermostat into your system is one such method.  What are Smart Thermostats? Regular thermostats operate as a simple control panel for manually powering your HVAC equipment on/off and increasing/decreasing your home's temperature settings. Smart thermostats, also called programmable thermostats, build on these basic settings to include remote control options and a more detailed timer. Use these controls to program your equipment for more efficient operations based on your scheduling, like reducing use while you're asleep or away from the home. Smart thermostats can even be programmed to make automatic adjustments based on external factors like humidity fluctuation. The Big Advantages of Smart Thermostats Smart thermostats combine comfort with HVAC energy efficiency. Smart thermostats allow...

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Saving Money With HVAC Zoning

Are you getting the most out of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. If you don't have a zoning system, the answer is probably "no". A HVAC zoning system in its essence is a set of dampers that fit inside your already existing ducts and wiring to control multiple thermostats. That means that while your daughter is away at college, for instance, you can close her door and turn off the heat in her room until she comes home for the holidays. Ditto for a guest room or any room in the house that you don't use on a regular basis. That not only translates into real savings, it puts you in control, allowing you to use less energy by heating only the rooms in your house that are occupied and only when you need it. Zoning also helps even out the temperatures in your house, because each thermostat will...

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Do You Need Air Conditioning Repair? Here's How You Can Tell

Sometimes it will be obvious to you when you are in need of air conditioning repair as your air conditioner will stop working altogether. However, other times your air conditioner may give off more subtle signs letting you know that maintenance is needed. It is important that you are aware of these signs so that you can have your AC repaired before it quits working on you. Here are a few of these signs that you can be on the lookout for. Not Cool One way that you can tell that your air conditioner is in need of maintenance is if you still feel hot even when you air conditioner is running. This could indicate several critical problems including a failing compressor, or low Freon levels. Either way, you should have your system professionally repaired not only to better keep you cool, but also, to prevent further problems from occurring. Weakened...

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The Importance of a Fall Tune - Up: Air Conditioner Maintenance

The start of fall brings on many exciting things. Kids go back to school, holidays are right around the corner and the cool air starts to creep in on us. One thing many people forget to do is have their HVAC tune-up to get ready for the winter cold arrives. There are several reasons that a fall tune-up is important. Below I have listed the most significant reasons to choose to have your service down soon 1. Decreases Chances of a Break Down HVAC units are more likely to have a break down when they are working harder. The cold air that winter produces is one reason your unit will have to work harder and increases the chances of it breaking down. Think about it this way; if we do not get our car regularly maintenance the cost to repair it goes up; the same is true for your HVAC unit....

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6 Signs You Require Air Conditioner Service

When the summer heat comes to visit, the only thing on your mind is the air conditioner. If your home is not as cool as you would like or your air conditioner is malfunctioning, do not wait until the last-minute to get Air Conditioner Service. Read on for six indications you should look for to determine if your air conditioner needs repairs. 1. Moisture in All the Wrong Places Moisture is an indication that refrigerant is leaking. Leaking refrigerant poses a serious health threat. Other things moisture indicates is a broken or blocked drain tube. Although a damaged tube is not as serious as leaking refrigerant, the issue needs to be resolved quickly. 2. Lukewarm Air Your air conditioner may produce lukewarm air which is not ideal on a hot, muggy, summer days. You may notice your air conditioner does not produce cold air as it once did. Warm air from an...

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