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Residential Heating Service to Get Your Furnace out of Hibernation

Your furnace has been in hibernation since last winter. After the break due to the warm-weather months, problems could have developed in your residential heating system. You need residential heating maintenance and service for the first start-up of the cool weather season. Your best defense against the cold spells in Austin, Texas, isn’t to pull a wool sweater over your shirt, but to have an effective home heating system in good working order. Along with calling a professional HVAC technician, many consumers also compare their utility or heating bill compared to the prior year. Experts explain why a professional helps you deal with common issues related to the first big start-up of the furnace. When your furnace won’t start Maybe you have a bad pilot light, faulty wiring, or even a leaking pipe. These are all reasons your furnace may not turn on. You will have to call a professional heating...

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Intuitive, High-Tech Cool Features of New Thermostats

If you own an older home in Austin, Texas, that hasn't been updated recently, your house most likely has one of those old manual wall thermostats. When you want to get the temperature just right, it pays to have a high-tech programmable thermostat with all the latest features. Having an Austin A/C technician install a modern programmable thermostat often saves you money on your energy bills. Today’s thermostat models include WiFi ones that match your schedule. Most people aren't aware that they can replace their old thermostat very easily and cost-efficiently. Features of new thermostats include remote control, humidity control, digital or touchscreen pads, and pre-programmed temperature adjustments. One of the worst things about those old thermostats is the hazardous mercury inside them which requires professional disposal if broken. By far, the coolest result of this new technological era is WiFi-controlled thermostats. Have you ever been at work and wondered if...

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Furnace Maintenance: The Importance Of Fresh Filters

There’s no denying that winter months can be hard--and not just for you and your family, but for your furnace as well. Those who don’t adequately prepare their HVAC system for its season of heaviest use often find themselves in need of more expensive repairs down the line. If you would like to learn more about how to keep your furnace in tip-top shape, read on. This article will discuss the importance of keeping fresh filters in place. The Filter’s Role Few furnace related chores are quite as important as ensuring that you have a good fresh filter in place. You see, a furnace doesn’t just heat your air--it cleans it as well. It does this circulating the heated air through your filter. That means that, over time, the filter gets more and more clogged with dust, dirt, and other types of debris. Problems Of A Dirty Filter Letting your air...

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Furnace Maintenance -- How to Get Your Furnace Ready for the Winter

Winter is nearing, and that means that it’s time to get your furnace ready. It’s best to be prepared so that you’re not taken by surprise when the cold weather comes around. Here are some furnace maintenance tips on preparing your furnace for the winter. Clear the Chimney There is likely to be debris, bird nests, fallen branches, leaves, and more in the chimney. Make sure that it is clear and ready to use. Replace the Filters The filters need to be replaced before the furnace is used again. You should change the filters around every three months during the winter, so it is a good idea to stock up on filters now. Clean the Burners The burners may be dusty, dirty, and even rusty. You want to clean it and check that it is in good order. Unblock the Vents If you rearranged the furniture during the summer in a way that...

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How to Know When Your Need New Furnace Installation

Surprising as it may seem, winter is on our doorsteps. This means that it is time to consider the condition of your furnace, and whether or not it will make it through the coming cold months. It is important to ensure you have a properly functioning furnace so that you and your family are kept comfortable throughout winter. It is then vital that you know the signs indicating that you may need furnace installation so that you can have your furnace replaced before the cold weather hits. Here are a few indicators that your furnace may need replacement. The Age of Your Furnace One of the easiest ways to tell that your furnace is in need of replacement is if it is more than 15 years old. Furnaces are generally made to last 15 years, and if your furnace is this old, or older, then you will want to consider having...

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